Address management & verification, done right.

All the tools we wish Salesforce came with out of the box to manage and verify addresses, plus more - powered by Lob.

Standardization & validation

Increase data quality, consistency, and reduce errors with our built-in standardization and validation tools that are easy to customize. Enjoy better reporting and less administration.

US verification

CASS-certified by USPS for over 169 million US addresses to ensure deliverability. Lob’s robust data cleansing means less returned mail, lost packages, and operational waste.

International verification

With data from over 240 countries around the world, Lob verifies both US and international addresses. No matter where you send mail or packages, we'll make sure it gets there.

Address Central

A beautfiful, customizable and fast Lightning Component that makes managing addresses seamless on any object. Features Lob’s autocomplete API for US addresses.

Works with everything

Custom and standard objects, state and country picklists, custom address fields, Process Builder, Lightning Flow, any AppExchange package - you name it, we support it out of the box.

Developer and admin tools

A wide variety of tools help developers and admins setup, customize and manage our solution easily. REST APIs, invocable APEX classes, a Settings page, and many more.

Turn quality data into business advantage.

Our real-time address management and verification features help reduce keystrokes by up to 80% to enter an address, while ensuring data quality and consistency.

Lower mailing and shipping costs

Cut undeliverable mail and packages and save on postage, printing and other costs, while increasing deliverability and customer satisfaction.

Increase margins and outcomes

Less returned mail, lower mailing & packaging costs, greater returns on sales & marketing campaigns, and faster customer payments.

Improve decision making and reporting

Better quality data means better information sharing and improved operational decisions, backed by accurate reports and dashboards.

All the address features we wish Salesforce came with.

We’ve implemented all the features we wish Salesforce came with out of the box to manage and verify addresses and made them available via the AppExchange in a user and developer-friendly package.

US verification (USPS) International verification Standardization Validation
Fully configurable Custom object support Developer & admin tools Address Central
Works with all Salesforce clouds.

Our products only require a Salesforce Platform license, and integrate via metadata magic with the rest of the Salesforce clouds and AppExchange solutions out of the box.

Let’s talk address management!

Have questions about address management and verification, or just want to learn more about the 473 time zones that determine local time? We'd love to chat!