Print & mail documents, directly from Salesforce.

Send and track checks, letters, and postcards via physical mail, 100% natively from Salesforce - powered by Lob.

Letters & postcards

Send physical mail just like e-mail, natively from Salesforce. Achieve scale for labor-intensive, complex, and expensive processes with built-in automation.

Custom checks at scale

Issue payments with secure, customized checks that reinforce your brand. In addition to a logo and memo, you can include instructions, invoice information, and more.

Mail tracking

Real-time intelligent tracking, at no additional cost. Send automatic notifications or trigger any business logic based on tracking updates and own the customer experience.

Print delivery network

Print requests are automatically routed through Lob’s vast network of vetted printers around the world, so physical mail gets to its destination faster than ever.

Compliant & auditable

Your letters are sent quickly, securely, and accurately. Lob offers HIPAA compliance from production to delivery, ensuring each document is for the intended recipient's eyes only.

Developer and admin tools

A wide variety of tools help developers and admins setup, customize and manage our solution easily. REST APIs, invocable APEX classes, a Settings page and many more.

Control and send physical mail just like e-mail.

We deliver robust automation and scale for anything with a stamp. The result? A more timely, relevant, and personal customer experience that's fully automated and trackable.

Transactional and marketing mail

Send personalized welcome letters to performant collections, account statements, claims notices or any custom document securely.

Recurring, event-driven postcards

Send customized postcards based on specific actions your customers take or events you define. On demand, no batching required.

Payments with secure, branded checks.

Send refunds, rebates, payroll, or other payments on a one-time or regular basis with accurate, secure, and branded checks.

Robust automation and scale for anything with a stamp.

We’ve implemented all of Lob’s Print & Mail APIs natively in Salesforce, built more on top of them, and made them available via the AppExchange in a user and developer-friendly package.

Transactional mail Marketing direct mail Branded, secure checks HIPAA compliance
Tracking USPS address verification Custom object support Developer & admin tools
Works with all Salesforce clouds.

Our products only require a Salesforce Platform license, and integrate via metadata magic with the rest of the Salesforce clouds and AppExchange solutions out of the box.

Let’s talk print & mail!

Have questions about sending physical mail from Salesforce, or just want to learn more about how to ditch the old mail room? We'd love to chat!